Born in Cape Town, South Africa to parents of Egyptian-French and Lithuanian provenance, I discovered jewelry early in life. Watching my collector mother, observing the craft in the family jewelry business and traveling to exotic places, I have a unique understanding of the intense joy of collecting objects of artistic appreciation. These are my hands and my musings.

For people who love, adore and see beauty.

~ Jeffrey Levin



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Lucscious Pistachio Oval Ring with White Diamond Drop

Model #DanMurphy wearing #jeffreylevin dog tag, #michaelkors watch, #jcrew shirt/pants, #h&m belt!/10

Model Dan Murphy wearing Jeffrey Levin dog tag

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Custom wedding rings, baby not included. ;)

Wear your heart!

Love yourself!

Proclaim your awesomeness!

Take the plunge! Marry yourself! Yes, we did!

20 Awesome Marriage Tips from a newly divorced guy. They apply to both partners in a relationship… It’s missing an important tip, while he alludes to it in two places, we think it deserves it’s own number! You have to really love yourself, cherish your own unique gifts, realize your own beauty, embrace the goodness in you… in order to better love others. Do the work on you. Be the love of your own life, too. 

~ balance of cow

Love Rules!

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